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How Am I Priced?

Understanding the 3 Most Common Pricing Structures in Payments

Understanding your pricing structure is the first step to managing your costs when it comes to credit card acceptance. No one wants to get stuck paying unnecessarily high pricing for credit card processing, and there may be ways to reduce your costs if you understand your pricing structure. Today we are going high-level and introducing the 3 most common pricing structures in payments. We will dive deeper into each structure in the coming weeks so you understand the benefits or potential drawbacks of each structure. There is no one best cost structure, it varies for every business based on their needs and processing habits. If you have questions related to credit card processing and pricing, or if you are struggling to figure out which one of the three ways you are currently priced- we are here to help. Email me at stacy@risenowpayments.com and I can help you figure it out.



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